Dr. William A. Benson Chief Executive Officer

Dr. William A. Benson, PH.D is the Pastor and Founder of Total Deliverance Worship Center located at 2774 Sweetwater Springs Blvd in the city of Spring Valley, CA.  Dr. Benson is also the CEO of Stepping Higher Incorporated-a licensed, 501 3 C non-profit organization that supports the community in various different avenues from housing the homeless to feeding hundreds of families weekly.

Dr. Benson has been employed with the US Government for 28 years and is currently an equipment manager where he oversees a multi-million dollar industry of medical equipment for the U.S Navy.  Dr. Benson is married to Rachelle Y. Benson. Mrs. Benson is the Executive Director for Stepping Higher Inc.  Dr. and Mrs. Benson reside in San Diego and are the proud parents of their two daughters Shavonne and Grace.

A savvy and austere businessman, Dr. Benson has always sought to use his talents for the betterment of the community.  Over the past 15 years, he has played a significant role in various community projects, boards and mentoring programs. In 2005, Dr. Benson was honored by Mount Miguel High School as “Community Mentor of the year”, an award given to those individuals who provide outstanding leadership and guidance to the youth & young adults of the community.

In 2001, the Lord spoke to Dr. Benson regarding the birth of a new and dynamic ministry thus the onset of Total Deliverance Worship Center.  This ministry is currently located in a complex that has numerous business suites.  In January 2008, a prophecy was given to First Lady Benson for Pastor Benson stating that he would own a village.

Total Deliverance Worship Center currently occupies 8 office suites in this complex in addition to the 1200 seat beautifully decorated sanctuary.  Within these suites, Total Deliverance Worship Center holds Christian education classes and seminars, has a bookstore that specializes in apostolic teaching and doctrine books, and a child care center fondly known as Total Tots Center.  Since Total Deliverance Worship Center has taken residence in this complex the name has been changed to Sweetwater Village, thus bringing forth the prophecy that was given.  Thousands of souls have been baptized in Jesus name, filled with the Holy Ghost and have moved on into this world to become great and positive citizens through Dr. Benson’s ministry.

Under his direction, the accomplishments of Stepping Higher, Incorporated are just as impressive. Stepping Higher, Inc. currently has four residential properties that house various target populations struggling to get back up on their feet.  3 of these homes are part of a community revitalization project, the sole undertaking of Dr. Benson, located in the San Diego inner city.

But where others see blight and disrepair, Dr. Benson brings a vision of hope and restoration. The housing programs include a residential treatment facility, women & children home and a prison re-entry program for those returning from recent incarceration.  This vision includes a children’s play center, day-care and an outreach center were the neighborhood can receive support, service as well as and strength for their souls.

Dr. Benson understands the difference between meal-quality groceries and individual food selections. Because of his commitment, Stepping Higher houses a food and nutritional service program unlike any other.  Known as Nutrition First/Nutrition for Life (NFL). This innovative distribution model has only been operational for little over one year and yet this program feeds an average of 125 families a week or 500 families a month. This year alone, 22,500 men, women and children have not gone hungry because this of program. Over a quarter of a million pounds (250,000) of quality, nutritionally-sound groceries will be distributed, to low income, seniors and disabled individuals by the end of this year.

Dr. Benson took part with other non-profit organizations to act as a critical service “hub” providing emergency rental and utility payments to those in need.  Under his leadership, Stepping Higher, Inc. paid out over 50,000 dollars to families-stopping evictions, keeping families in their homes, extending water, heat and electricity services. For those who could not qualify, Dr. Benson provided “quick link” partnerships to streamline the process to other agencies that could provide clients the assistance they needed.

Dr. Benson has been well educated and trained under the auspices of great theologians and teachers.  His formal education includes studies in which he has obtained a Bachelors of Science in Theology, a Masters of Divinity, and a Doctorate of Theology.  Dr. Benson teaches and preaches with authority yet with an approach so that all can understand and receive the word of God.

His latest accomplishment is the establishment and oversight of a biblical studies school of education: End-Time Harvest for the World Academy. The school has two courses of study: The Rhema Word Certificate Program: Designed specifically for those who will be working as teachers and/or instructors in a church arena. Disciples for Christ Bible Studies Program: Designed for those who want to study the Word of God in more depth. Each course is self contained, so a student can take one or more as they see fit. These programs act as a bridge for those who are not ready for a Bible university but want a deeper level of study.   Requiring a level of excellence for every endeavor he takes, Dr. Benson insured that all classes were accredited by IAU (International Apostolic University of Grace and Truth). So if a student does commit to go further in university studies his efforts are not wasted.   Doors opened for the first time October of 2009 to enthusiastic students overjoyed for this opportunity to have this type of quality biblical education made available in the community.

Dr. Benson’s vision is that all people would come and find deliverance through repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus and to become people that are productive in Christ Jesus.